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FD1 vs LG1: My take

One of the main debates that goes with owning a TG series camera, is 'which attachment is best for macro?' and its a topic that's very difficult to get a straight answer for. After scouring the Internet for every review, forum and social media post I could find, I still didn't have enough information to go on and decided to purchase both and see for myself.

The FD1 came bundled with my camera, so this went straight on and I got testing it out straight away. I wasn't happy with the images at first, but with some minimal tweaking in the settings, I managed to dial in something that I liked. I set up a custom mode on the dial based on microscope mode and also selected the FD1 from the attachments menu. This is crucial to getting a good result! The camera doesn't automatically know when you've added or changed attachments so you need to let it know. Once I had figured this out, I was pleased with the images I was taking and haven't really changed too much since.

The LG1 arrived a day or two later and having been so excited by the FD1 and how much it did for the camera, I was expecting the same from this, especially considering it had come so highly recommended from so many sources.

Within ten minutes of it being on my camera, I decided I didn't like it and it wasn't for me. The images had lost their clarity and they looked washed out by the led cast across it. I could see it working for mushroom photography as it adds a semi ethereal edge to some shots, but past that it seemed pretty unsuited to my purposes. After a few back and forth comparison shots to be sure of my decision, I screwed my FD1 back onto my camera and I haven't taken it off since. The LG1 is currently gathering dust in a draw. I wouldn't say either product is superior to the other overall, but for macro insect photography, the FD1 wins every time for me. Hopefully in future models, they will incorporate both individual products into a single cohesive and versatile product

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